SAD moss Not a Bottle Cap H2O + NaCl Lichenas Specular Reflection Baltic Sea Water Soap

We are following the path that has started in the fog. It has filtered all the details and for a while has been looming like a soft wall. But we knew there were vast lands waiting behind that wall. So now, even though the fog persists, we are walking ahead. Carefully. Our arms outstretched. We are walking intuitively engaging all our senses. We are following shorelines, we are letting the sea to mark the border of our journey. We feel the salty wind on our faces, we find companionship in rocks and stones. From time to time we root ourselves alongside moss and lichen and we find rest and poetic grandeur in this stillness. Along the way, we collect artefacts that help to share our journey with others. With others, who have stopped to listen.

Restored but Bored

in collaboration with Dovilė Aleksandravičiūtė
2019 - 2020

Restored but Bored is an ongoing research project that focuses on greyness, in-betweenness and domesticity from a positive point of view as a way to reach wider poetic and intuitive subject matter.

Developed at Nida Art Colony and AARK artist in residence programme.

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