Immense Boulder

sculpture, vitrine installation

In the work of Justina Vilčinskaitė, the myth of Sisyphus is present on many levels. In her presentation, movement and repetition are materialised in a diversity of installations, ranging from massive sculptures to vaporizing water. Most literal, the myth is visible in the huge collection of stones that has been built up by the artist over many years. The stones, that vary from very small to rather big, have something in common: they are pierced by the water; marked with holes by a process that took place over many years. The constant movement of the water creating these holes, resembles the infinite task of Sisyphus. And so does the act of collection, executed by the artist. Vilčinskaitė made her search for stones into a burden, since the finding of each stone brings the desire to find the next one.

text by Sanneke Huisman